Asian Greens



Crisp and crunchy, with a flavor reminiscent of a slightly salty pac choi, Tatsoi makes a great addition to salads and asian dishes.  

Pac Choi


Possibly the most famous of asian greens.  Pac Choi has juicy ribs, with spoon shaped leaves.

Mustard Greens


Add a little mustardy spice to your life!  We offered 3 varieties of Mustard Greens last year.

Hakurei Turnips


Very mild, sweet, with just a bit of spice, and a phenomenal crunch.  These have been known to win over even the strongest critics of turnips.  A treat in salads or roasted with your favorite herbs and spices.

Hinona Kabu Turnips


Hinona Kabu turnips are probably most famous for being used in Sakurazuke, a pickle which resembles cherry blossoms.  They are crisp, sweet, and slightly spicy.  These are one of our favorites!

Tokyo Bekana


Famous for being cultivated on the International Space Station.  This cabbage cousin was chosen by NASA because it grows quickly, is nutrient dense, and was quite tasty compared to alternatives!