Sweet and crisp, red or green varieties are available.  We love cabbage in ferments like saurkraut or kimchi, chopped fresh in salads or coleslaw, or cooked up in a tasty soup.

Green Kale


Green Kale is one of our most popular crops.  It is known for its health benefits, and plentiful vitamins and minerals such as potassium and calcium.

Collard Greens


A Southern comfort food staple, which can also be used as delicious wraps, added into soups, rice, or bean dishes.  This vegetable is super versatile and can be incorporated into so many dishes.

Lacinato Kale


Also known as Dino Kale, this is a very popular variety of kale.  Hailing from 18th Century Italy, this variety was even grown by Thomas Jefferson.  We believe that Lacinato Kale is pefect for kale chips, added to a salad or soup.  Be sure to try this favorite as the weather cools and the leaves become extra sweet!



A Chinese cabbage that has become famous for its time spent on the International Space Station.  Tokyo Bekana has a mild, almost lettuce like taste, with a hint of sweet and bitter.  The light green leaves are rather soft and delicate, and the center petiole has substantially more crunch.  A fantastic alternative to Pac Choi in salads and stir fry.

Broccoli Raab


Closely related to the broccoli we are all familiar with, Broccoli Raab is often eaten for its stems and leaves as well as its green buds.