Fresh Eggs

Duck Eggs


We keep a flock of around 100 ducks on site.  Aside from providing us with an abundance of fresh eggs, they also help keep insect pressure down, and provide regular comic relief.

Chicken Eggs


Our much smaller flock of chickens also provide us with more tasty eggs than we'll ever know what to do with.  We're often impressed with the intensity of yolk color and the creamy richness of the eggs these guys produce.

Happy Birds


Our birds receive premium GMO-Free Food, have access to large pastures, and frankly, during the growing season they eat better than many of us.  We want to offer you the best, so we provide our birds with the best.

Our Feed


We always use 100% GMO-Free feed with a wide variety of grains and minerals for our birds.  We believe that better food makes better eggs, and we believe that our produce speaks for itself!

Our Values


Our birds have free access to grassy areas, a large pond, and all the critters they can catch.  We believe that allowing our birds to live their lives in large open spaces, with access to the outdoors provides them with the conditions necessary to produce the best eggs around!

Where to Find our Eggs


Our friends at Groveladder Farms offer our eggs at markets and on their website.  Click above photo for links and more details.

We routinely make eggs available in CSA shares, or by special request from CSA members as well.