Root Crops



Sweet and earthy, we love our beets.  With several varieties available, we've got just the right one for you!



We offer many varieties of these spicy little treats, including Easter Egg, Ostergruss, and Shunkyo.



Sweet, crisp, a little spicy...  We offer some of the best varieties including Hakurei and Hinona Kabu.  You won't regret giving these guys a try.

Daikon Radish


By far, our largest and longest radish.  Daikon are famous for their inclusion in soups, ferments, and are used throughout many cuisines across the globe.

Black Radish


Bigger, bolder, and spicier than it's smaller cousins, a black radish can be an interesting treat, especially if you enjoy a radish's spice.  The skin is tough, so they're usually served peeled.  Some people prefer to roast or pan fry them for a milder taste and softer texture.  

Watermelon Radish


Watermelon Radish is a variety of Daikon Radish which are globelike, instead of long.  They aren't nearly as large as our white Daikons, but still much bigger than a typical radish.  They are mild, a little peppery, and sweet.  They are called watermelon radish because of their pink-magenta centers and white-green exteriors.